Treatment Protocols

Early Treatment Protocols

  1. Early Ambulatory Multidrug Therapy, McCullough et al: (related interview and webinar)
  2. The I-MASK+ Early Outpatient Treatment Protocol for COVID-19:
  3. Zelenko Early Treatment Protocol:
  4. The Fleming Directed CoVid-19 Treatment Protocol (FMTVDM):
  5. ICON Protocol – (Ivermectin in COvid Nineteen):
  6. MATH+ Hospital Treatment Protocol
  7. Budesonide (Pulmicort) dosing for outpatient COVID per the Oxford RCT:
  8. Budesonide-focused Treatment Protocol: from
  9. Prophylaxis and Treatment for COVID-19 in Nursing Homes
  10. The following is the protocol Drs. Fareed and Tyson have jointly developed as most effective for their COVID-19 patients:
  11. Update from Drs. Fareed and Tyson (2/8/2021):